Chicken Karaage & Chicken Lotus Meat Balls class

The main dish request was , one of our best sellers & very popular home all over Japan!

We also cooked chicken meat balls with our autumn/winter vegetable, lotus root, with Miso.

When I cook these chicken menus for my , I usually pile them up on a simple big plate and tell my kids ‘Help yourself!’ But for my guests from Australia, I chose a little bamboo basket to serve our chickens to add a touch of taste and welcoming feeling.

In our , we added some Black . This type of is popular among Japanese ladies lately as it is rich in fiber, vitamin B, minerals etc. In short, good for your health & beauty!

As we enjoyed our , we talked about various social & cultural topics of Japan as well as Australia. Very relaxing moment with food after a few hard working hours at kitchen!

I hope my guest ladies form Australia enjoyed their time at my as much as I did.

Many thanks for coming!