Ramen class on Oct 22nd’16

There is a lovely young couple from Switzerland today’s class.    They requested Ramen class so I gave the class on the Saturday afternoon.
They traveled over Japan for a couple of week, and the cooking day was the day before they fly back to Switzerland. I was  wishing the class would be one of the memorable experiences their trip in Japan.
I usually share how to make Dashi stock, which is Japanese fundamental soup stock, however, I don’t give when the ramen classes because the stock made from chicken.   The today’s guests asked about what is the dashi stock, so I shared how to make dashi stock.
Adding a pinch of salt makes dashi flavor nicer for tasting like a clear soup.I served the soup during our cooking time.

It is dashi-kampai time.   I was glad they liked it.
We had kept cooking Ramen after the tasting and finally we enjoyed ramen for early dinner.

  The menu on Oct 22nd ’16
        Miso ramen  with sautéed vegetables, sautéed minced pork, braised pork, a seasoned egg
Cucumber with sesame dressing
    Pork Gyoza

Since the eating time was early dinner  around 4:00pm, I suggested to visit a basement of  Takashimaya department store (depachika)  in Shinjuku  after the class.  Depachika is one of the Japanese food cultures, foodies MUST visit during Stay in Japan.
Here is about the Depachika
Thank you for the precious time!

Ramen class on Oct 24th ’16

Our Raman class gets popular now and I offered the class today too.  This is the
There are 6 participants from a family from Hawaii and a couple from US mainland. We had a lot of laugh and lot of fun because each participants today ware cheerful and enjoyed cook pretty much!  They  made me less nervous to involve them cook together.

This part, wrapping gyoza process is fun time. All the participants concentrated to make nice shape gyoza, but it’s not always can make the shape perfect. However, the unique shapes crack the all up!   Don’t worry, the shape won’t be a big matter after pan frying them.
Today’s menu on Oct 24th
Miso Ramen with sautéed vegetables, sautéed miso pork, braised pork, seasoned egg.
Pork Gyoza
Sesame dressed cucumber

I shared one little thing better buy kitchen tool in Japan.

This is the must item for making perfect boiling egg. This makes easy to peel egg shells completely.
 There is a small sharp pin in center of the circle. Leave a raw egg and press until making small hall.  Then boil the egg as usual to make a boiling egg.   You may find how easy to peel the shells!
The tool is sold in 100 yen store. It worth to bring it back to your country and nice souvenir for cooking lover.

Thank you for giving such nice Ramen class!

Japanesae cooking class on Oct 13th’16

The cooking class guests today came from Boston  and Seattle in US. I had a request for  Chicken Karaage  as the main dish.
A young couple from Boston had traveled in Japan for a couple of weeks and they flew back to Boston the next day of the class. The other guest, traveled alone  has a culinary background and she is interested in Japanese traditional cooking. It was a great time to cook together with them.
We usually cook bonito dashi stock at the beginning of the class. This stock is fundamental of Japanese taste like chicken stock for French cooking. We cooked the stock at this time as well and shared little cup of the liquid for the tasting.
They “Kanpai!”  Japanese meaning of Cheers! with the stock. I’m glad they understand such aromatic dashi stock flavor.

  Today’s menu on Oct 13th
Chicken Kara-age s
Shredded cabbage with wasabi dressing
Cucumber sesame dressing
Simmered egg plant
Rice/ miso soup
Matcha pudding
I usually ask the guests to do the table setting. I believe it is a bit challenging for people who are  not familiar with them but knowing the plate allocation is also good to know Japanese food culture.

Thank you for attending the class. Hope you’ll cook Chicken Kara-age in your kitchen!

Japanese cooking class on Oct 20th ’16

I welcomed a boy and the mother from France. The mother is a chef so I had been excited to see her in the class.
They requested to cook Maki-sushi for the main dish so I prepared fresh salmon sashimi, tuna, avocado and cucumber for the sushi ingredients.
The boy, 10 years old, worked spontaneously and wanted to try cutting process and did well!  I could assume he helps mom very often for kitchen work.

He is cutting his favorite salmon sashimi… well done!  After cutting they rolled those ingredients for maki sushi, and made Nigiri-sushi.  We also made salmon  aburi-sushi (broiled salmon)  in the class.
Although the process was little complicated, the boy liked  salmon sushi at the end.
The chef has a very good sense of cooking  and picked up Japanese cooking skill immediately. So she asked me a good point questions often that made me nervous, haha. I also learned a lot from her point of view.
Today’s menu on Oct 20th
Maki-sushi    salmon, avocado, egg cakes, cucumber
Salmon nigiri-surhi / aburi-sushi with ponzu-onion dressing
Tuna tartar nigiri  with sweet soy sauce
Cucumber sesame dressing
Grilled eggplant with Miso paste
Clear soup

salmon lover’s plate …

Thank you for coming our cooking class!  I’ll see you next week for Ramen class.

Ramen class on Oct 7th ’16

We have a ramen class today.
I accepted special requests as “No sea food”, ” no pork” for the menus. Usually I use sautéed minced pork  as well as braised pork for the ramen garnish. unique pork flavor produces savory umami taste so that it is one of the fundamental ingredient for the bowl in most of ramen shop.
*However, there diverse population from different countries visit Japan now a days so some ramen shop produce ramen without pork.
I prepared ground chicken and braised chicken for those guests and we cooked both chicken and pork in the class.  I usually very careful to serve specific religion food and allergy food for each requested guests and I also ask all the participants to  cooperate do the process securely.  I appreciate the guests all the time they are cooperative with kind.
Ramen menu on Oct 7th ’16
Pork/chicken Miso ramen ( garnish with sautéed vegetables, sautéed  minced pork/chicken, braised pork/chicken,  simmered egg)
Pork / Chicken Gyoza
Cucumber sweet sour sesame dressing
Green tea pudding/agar-agar

I’m always glad when the guests say “good taste” for the ramen since it takes many times of practice for making recipe.
Many thanks for today’s guests from Australia and Israel!

Japanese cooking class on Oct 12th

Now almost mid in October, the weather in Tokyo get milder.  It takes long time to cool down and less humidity in this year. It became much easier to spend outside.
I had  guests a family of three from U.S and a man from U.K.  We cooked “amakara karaage don” which is sweet soy sauce dressed Japanese fried chicken over rice with hot spring egg.
“Hot spring egg” is half boiled egg. But the different with normal half boiled egg is  coagulated egg York and liquidity egg while. As you know, Japanese hot spring is not a boiling hot, but keeping stable  high temperature. The certain temperature make egg yolk coagulate faster than egg while.  We Japanese eat fresh egg since it is one of the custom beside the sanitation system is reliable.  This hot spring egg goes with rice bowl with chicken/meat and fresh fish sashimi.
                      All the participants get along with others cooperate during cooking time  and that make  great for talking each other at last the eating time.   We work together to complete delicious food for lunch.
Menus on Oct 12th
Amakara kara-age don with hot spring egg
Cucumber sesame dressing
Simmered eggplant with dashi-soy sauce
rice/ miso soup

Many thanks for the great time!

Japanease cooking class on Sep 29th

The class welcomed a couple from L.A.  It was the last cooking class on September.  It was still hot and humid day even though it was almost autumn season on the calendar. I believe this summer in Japan must be hard for human!
Although the weather was like summer, I’d like to express autumn on the dining table.  we prepared sweet potato rice  at this time.
Japanese  sweet potato has a unique texture I, and the customers never seen in outside of Japan.
The outside is beautiful purple and inside is white. It contains a dense starch so the potato become nice and soft texture, but not watery when it cooked.  We Japanese have been eating  baked potato as a natural healthy snack.
I had a request as no pork for the ingredients so we cooked fish Nanban-zuke for the main course.
 Today’s menu on Sep 29th ’16
     Mackarel Nanban-zuke
   Cucumber  sesame dressing
eggplant with miso-egg sauce

I’ve shared information of halal café in my neighborhood  just opened the day before.  There is in Sophia University in Yotsuya.  Everybody could visit the café.
Tokyo Halal deli & café
There is a pray space in a same building.
The today’s guests visited the café and said very nice and clean.
Many thanks for a sweet couple from L.A!!

A private class on Oct 5th

I have a cooking class guests from Hong King. They are so lovely, fun and sweet girls and I enjoyed cooking pretty much!
The guests and I communicated thorough email to decide the menu.  The guest wanted to learn ” real Japanese cooking from the scratch and decided the menu as….
Squid steamed rice Ikameshi
Japanese style roast beef w / fresh greens wasabi dressing
Maki sishi
crab meat croquette
eggplant chicken nimono
Mizuna clear soup
matcha pudding
Since I was soooo busy that I didn’t have chance to take those pics!
I believe taking local food cooking class is such a good idea to take the skill and experience back to your country. The guest today learned a lot and I believe they will cook easy Japanese home cooking at their kitchen.
Many Thanks Maruko and Hiromi!

Interview and shooting on September 18th

I welcomed Tokyo expats polish couple on the day.
Ms. A and her husband Mr.V enthusiast for Japanese cooking / food culture.  Ms. A has a great knowledge of Japanese food as well as food ways on other countries.
She had researched about  washoku culture very well before the interview moreover,she LOVES them, so we could understand each other very soon.
Wiktor said he is an amateur photographer, but see his pictures are amazing as a professional!


Photo by Wiktor staniecki
Since I’ve been working for obtaining sake sommelier, I served seasonal sake at this time.  I’m glad Wiktor liked the pairing of food and sake.
Today’s menu
Grilled salmon Yuan marinade
eggplant miso-egg cream
Maitake mashroom tempura
sweet potato rice
Shiratama -mochi  red bean paste/ sweet soy paste

Here links to her article.
The charms of Japanese autumn
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We czworo przez swiat
She also writes for polish-Japanese community
Thank you very much for the beautiful pictures and intelligent article for Musubi Cooking Class!