Pork Katsu cooking with French chef lady

My guest in this private class was a chef lady from Lille, France. So lucky me I got to hear a  lot of interesting foodie stories and even ask some questions while we were chopping and slicing and frying.

She has chosen 2 main dishes; Tonkatsu or pork cutlet, and Gyoza.  We also prepared a few side dishes and Miso soup with Dashi broth.  My guest lady was also very interested in our Miso and soy sauce,  so I showed her a few kinds of them and compare the color and flavor.

Basically, the differences come from the percentage of salt, soybeans, and length of fermentation, but the most mysterious element is the type of Koji fungus. Miso is our oldest seasoning while soy sauce came up rather new around 16-17c. They are like siblings born from the same ingredients, in a way.

Many thanks for coming!


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