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Pork Katsu cooking with French chef lady

My guest in this private class was a chef lady from Lille, France. So lucky me I got to hear a  lot of interesting foodie stories and even ask some questions while we were chopping and slicing and frying. She has chosen 2 main dishes; Tonkatsu or pork cutlet, and Gyoza.  We also prepared a […]

Canadian boys for Ski & Ramen

Another fun group of buddies from BC, Canada at my little kitchen today! My guest boys were visiting Japan for skiing in Hokkaido, then came to my little kitchen for some cooking experience. Their choice of menu was Tonkotsu Ramen, of course! Ramen is now so amazingly popular. It was their first visit to Japan […]

Sushi and vegetarian dishes for NY couple

The menu for the class chosen by a power couple from NY, USA was: Sushi roll with seafood, aubergine with sweet Miso sauce, spinach with sesame sauce, and Miso soup with dashi stock. So except for salmon and Maguro for Sushi, all our ingredients were vegetarian! I cannot say gluten-free because our soy sauce uses […]

Fun happy friends in love with Gyoza

My little kitchen got occupied by a group of fun and happy friends from the US in this class.  They are now living in different cities but used to work together for the same mega airline. Looks like it was a reunion vacation for good old buddies and their destination was Tokyo. My pleasure to […]

Ramen cooking for Aussie skiers

Tonkotsu Ramen and Gyoza class for an Aussie couple from Brisbane today! The couple has been skiing in Niseko, Hokkaido, where you get to enjoy the super fine powder snow in winter!!  Saying that I have never had a chance to ski up there myself. I am hopeless in any kind of sports but I […]

Happy Birthday Class for family vacation

This class was for another 3 generation family from NY, USA, vacationing in Tokyo, and it is meant to be a birthday occasion for their beloved young girl who loves cooking. The menu they picked up was Sushi rolls, Gyoza, Miso soup, etc. There were a lot of preparations & tasks but it was all […]

Chicken Karaage & more for 3-generation gathering

This was one of the biggest groups in my cooking class. I usually accept max. 6 people due to the size of my little kitchen and dining table, but we welcomed 10 people from 3 generations of a family traveling from the US. The father is in the hospitality business,  literally traveling all over the […]

Ramen & Gyoza lunch for US couple

This was a cold winter day but it was lovely to have a returning guest to Japan from the US, with her boyfriend! Their main dish choice was Ramen, with Gyoza, etc. for side dishes. The lady had visited Tokyo before and she took a cooking class back then, so she is very knowledgeable about […]

Ramen & Sushi Class for a French family

Another big lunch class with 2 main dishes; Ramen & Sushi roll! Well, of course, we do not normally eat Ramen and Sushi at once but travelers’ time is always limited. This is our norm in cooking class to prepare two different types of main dishes. There were a lot of preparations during the class […]

Ramen & Gyoza class for 2 x solo travelers

In this class, we had  2 x  solo travelers from Europe and both were looking for a place to try Tonkotsu Ramen.  So here we are!   Our menu also included Gyoza, cabbage & pickled Kombu salad for side dishes. Cooking Ramen is interesting but eating it is even more of an experience, as you need […]