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Ramen & Gyoza lunch with Swedish & American guests

It was a chilly late Autumn day in November & my guests’ choice was hot bowls of Ramen and sizzling Gyozaon a pan, yummmm! My little kitchen was pretty full with a group of fun American girls and a couple from Sweden. After a brief talk about our recipe, then basic seasonings and ingredients, we […]

Fun family hours over Japanese home made lunch

Welcomed a lovely family from Nevada, USA and their favorite menu choice was Gyoza, of course! My guests got to learn some basic facts about Japanese Dashi ingredients,  then taste them as well. This class was actually arranged by a charity organization Make A Wish. We are honored to be chosen as a host for […]

Chicken & Pork Ramen Class for American foodies

This was a little busier-than-usual  class as we prepared 2 kinds of Ramen broth, regular pork soup as well as chicken version, since one of my guests preferred non-pork dishes. For Gyoza, we normally use pork for filling but this can also be replaced with something different, such as chicken, beef, mushroom, root veggies, Tofu […]

Gyoza and Ramen class for a couple from Montreal

As the season heading into late Autumn in Tokyo, hot and comforting bowl of ramen is an ideal choice for lunch, dinner or even your late night snack. On this cool but sunny day, I welcomed a couple from Montreal, Canada. My guests  have been travelling east and west of Japan for 3 weeks and […]

Egg & Mayo sauce for chicken Nanban style

Welcomed a very  lovely couple of  Rugby World Cup fans from QLD Australia ! They were not just sport lovers but enthusiastic foodies very much interested in our cuisine, so we challenged 2 main dishes and 2 side dishes, plus rice and Miso soup made from Dashi broth. We cooked A LOT and our menu […]

2 main & 3 side dishes class for UK Rugby fans

My guests for this class (Nov 2019) were from York and London, UK.  Again they were all visiting Tokyo to watch Rugby World cup games. I was very happy to hear that some of their Rugby friends recommended my class  for some experience between the games! All the dishes were truly authentic Japanese, as my […]

Salmon & Prawn lunch for a Rugby family

Rugby World Cup continued… and more Rugby fans at my little kitchen ! My guest was a lovely family from Southampton, England and of course they were here to cheer Red Roses, I thought.   But their big Daddy was actually an enthusiastic fan of All Blacks. So I had to take out my jar of  […]

Ramen and Gyoza class for an UK Rugby supporter

Rugby World Cup was still continuing in Tokyo and here I had a solo gentleman guest from UK.  I was not very familiar with this sport until we had this game as a hosting country and luckily, I was learning a lot about its rules etc. from my guest those days! Between the games, my […]