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Tempura & Gyoza class

2 x main dishes of Tempura & pork Gyoza for a couple from Australia and UK, based in Sydney, NSW. Fresh Edamame season had arrived so we boiled some as one of our side dishes, plus Miso soup, rice etc. Deep-frying Tempura on a hot summer day sounds a bit tiring? Well, many of our […]

Ramen & Gyoza class

Pork Ramen and Gyoza dumpling class for a family from West Virginia, USA! It was a hot summer day but no worries I got my air conditioner in full operatoin. The very first task for my guests was to grate a whole piece of smoked Bonito, of course. It is not as simple as it […]

Gyoza & Edamame class

Main dish choice by my guest couple from Melbourne, Australia was Gyoza, pork and veggies Potstickers Japanese style! Side dihses include aubergine with sweet Miso sauce, fresh cabbage salad with pickled Kombu slices, Miso soup. It was a hot day in early summer so we boiled some Edamame beans as well. Fresh Edamame is available […]

Veggies & prawns Tempura class

My guest was a family from California, USA, who has selected Tempura as their main dish at our home-cooking class. Side dishes were spinach with sesame sauce, aubergine Miso sauce with kumquat peels on top, Miso soup of Enoki mushrooms and Mitsuba. Lots of vegetables, lots of preparations! And yes, we made a beautiful lunch […]

Seafood Sushi class

This was a private class for an elegant arty couple from NY, USA and their main dish choice was Sushi roll with seafood, plus egg roll & seaweed salad as sides. Such a nice combination of choices for a hot summer night in Tokyo! In Japanese cooking, we use a variety of seaweed including black […]

Ramen & Gyoza class

My guests were a US Airforce officer based in the suburb of Tokyo and his wife from Hong Kong, both big fans of Japanese Ramen, and their sister visiting from Seattle USA. The couple was about to leave Japan and move on to one of their European bases soon. That is why they were interested […]

Curry & rice class

Onoin, garlic, ginger, carrot & whole spices, some of the ingredients for Curry roux. Ramen and Curry have a lot of things in common. Both are not traditional Japanese cuisine and originated from overseas, China and India respectively. Both introduced to our country fairly recently but now the most popular menu among Japanese people of […]

Seafood Nanban class

My favorite menu, seafood Nanban style for a main dish! Since my guest family from England, UK & a couple from Germany were all willing to try some seafood dish cooking experience, I have prepared a mix of ingredients including a little bit of prawns, salmon, swordfish, and a side dish using salt-and-chilli flavored cod […]

Ramen & Gyoza class

My guests at this class were university students from Philadelphia, USA. They were travelling with some other friends but decided to go on different itinerary this morning to learn how to make Ramen, wow! One is studying pottery, while the other in science field but they are long-time good buddies & I am happy to […]

Pork Ramen & Gyoza class

This lovely couple from Florida, USA was another big fan of Naruto & Ramen! I always ask my guests to taste a few kinds of Miso in my stock. Basically the differences come from the percentage of rice & soy beans, amount of salt, period of fermentation, as well as special Koji fungas each Miso […]