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Salmon & Prawn Nanban style class for a family

Rugby World Cup continued… and more Rugby fans at my little kitchen ! My guest was a lovely family from Southampton, England and of course they were here to cheer Red Roses, I thought.   But their big Daddy was actually an enthusiastic fan of All Blacks. I am glad to have a jar of authentic […]

Ramen and Gyoza class for an UK Rugby supporter

Rugby World Cup was still continuing in Tokyo and here I had a solo gentleman guest from UK.  I was not very familiar with this sport until we had this game as a hosting country and luckily, I was learning a lot about its rules etc. from my guest those days! Between the games, my […]

Tonkotsu Ramen & Gyoza class for a German couple

The first class of October 2019 was for a couple from Germany, who has been travelling all over Japan and trying different types of Ramen everywhere.  One of their final stops was my little kitchen in Tokyo and we cooked our home made Ramen and Gyoza, plus a simple fresh salad of cabbage, marinated Kombu […]

Tonkotsu Ramen &Gyoza class for OZ and US couples

Our menu for this September 2019 class was pork Ramen with Tonkotsu (pork bone) broth, accompanied with fresh salad and Gyoza dumplings, for my guests from Texas and Sydney. The young couple from US was here to enjoy some authentic Japanese home cooking, husband being a chef at restaurant !  At this time, Japan was […]

Chicken Karaage class for a family

The main dish for this class was chicken Karaage (Japanese style fried chicken), accompanied with aubergine with Miso sauce,  spinach in sesame sauce, Miso soup of Enoki mushroom & fried Tofu (O-a-ge) and a bowl of rice. My guest was a family from Western Australia.  Their  two young boys were learning Japanese language at school […]

Pork Ramen & Gyoza class

Another Pork Ramen & Gyoza class with a couple from San Francisco, USA.  My guest couples visited me after travelling various places & cities in Japan and they told me they have been trying many different Ramens around the country. As you may be well aware, Ramen could be chicken, pork or seafood broth, and […]

Tonkotsu Ramen & Gyoza Class

My guest couple here (back in 2019) was from California, USA and their main dish was one of our most requested menu, Ramen with pork broth & Miso, plus Gyoza dumplings. But I also received one unusual request as we start,   if we can play some music while preparing our lunch! And that is exactly […]

Tempura & Gyoza class

2 x main dishes of Tempura & pork Gyoza for a couple from Australia and UK, based in Sydney, NSW. Fresh Edamame season had arrived so we boiled some as one of our side dishes, plus Miso soup, rice etc. Deep-frying Tempura on a hot summer day sounds a bit tiring? Well, many of our […]

Ramen & Gyoza class

Pork Ramen and Gyoza dumpling class for a family from West Virginia, USA! It was a hot summer day but no worries I got my air conditioner in full operatoin. The very first task for my guests was to grate a whole piece of smoked Bonito, of course. It is not as simple as it […]