Chicken & Pork Ramen Class for American foodies

This was a little busier-than-usual  class as we prepared 2 kinds of Ramen broth, regular pork soup as well as chicken version, since one of my guests preferred non-pork dishes. For Gyoza, we normally use pork for filling but this can also be replaced with something different, such as chicken, beef, mushroom, root veggies, Tofu etc.

If I would be informed of your dietary preferences well in advance, there are several alternative options so please drop us a message before you arrive! Our home cooking class is small with max 6 people only, so  I am very happy to discuss what type of food you are really interested in.

My guests were all Americans on this day, a family visiting from West coast and a group of young officers based in Japan with their visiting friend. So some of them are very familiar about things in Japan, while others are new to this side of the globe. I am sure it was a nice opportunity for my guests to exchange good tips and advices how to enjoy your stay in Tokyo!

Many thanks for coming!


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