Gyoza and Ramen class for a couple from Montreal

As the season heading into late Autumn in Tokyo, hot and comforting bowl of ramen is an ideal choice for lunch, dinner or even your late night snack. On this cool but sunny day, I welcomed a couple from Montreal, Canada.

My guests  have been travelling east and west of Japan for 3 weeks and finally back to Tokyo. Naturally they have tried all kinds of great food but not had a chance to prepare Japanese meals so here we are in my little kitchen.

We prepared Tonkotsu Ramen and Gyoza, plus fresh salad with  pickled Kombu. Gyoza is much simpler and easier than most people think  but Ramen is a tough choice if you dare cook it from scratch. I buy fresh noodles from local shops but the rest are ALL home made.

After few hours of slicing and simmering and frying, our result was a nice and yummy lunch !

Merci beaucoup for coming to my class!


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