Fun family hours over Japanese home made lunch

Welcomed a lovely family from Nevada, USA and their favorite menu choice was Gyoza, of course!

My guests got to learn some basic facts about Japanese Dashi ingredients,  then taste them as well.

This class was actually arranged by a charity organization Make A Wish. We are honored to be chosen as a host for one of their experiences in Tokyo. Big brother, big sister and young boy, 3 siblings and their Mum and Dad all joined in preparation of chopping veggies for Gyoza filling, simmering various  ingredients for Dashi broth etc. After a few hours of lots of tasks, finally our Japanese style lunch was perfectly done.

Great job and great family team work!  I am so grateful to be part of their relaxed and warm family hours in Tokyo. Hope our little boy liked Japanese food and Miso flavor.

Many thanks for coming!


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