Tonkotsu Ramen &Gyoza class for an Italian/French couple

The menu for this early November class was Pork bone broth (Ton-kotsu ) Ramen and Gyoza.

My guest was a fun couple from UK, but they were originally from France and Italy and met each other in London, enjoying Japanese food at my little kitchen in Tokyo on this day.

Ramen is yummy but sometimes a little too heavy for ladies, but my guest lady enjoyed it so much she  finished the bowl of noodles, simmered pork slice and flavored egg! Of course I was so happy to see empty bowls and plates!!

She said that they have had Japanese food many times but never really experienced cooking Dashi broth or preparing  Japanese veggies and herbs with their own hands.  Good food is everywhere but the beauty of home cooking class is that you actually get to see  the whole process, tasting your ingredients at times, and see what they looked like before chopped or cooked.

Many thanks for coming!


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