Egg & Mayo sauce for chicken Nanban style

Welcomed a very  lovely couple of  Rugby World Cup fans from QLD Australia ! They were not just sport lovers but enthusiastic foodies very much interested in our cuisine, so we challenged 2 main dishes and 2 side dishes, plus rice and Miso soup made from Dashi broth.

We cooked A LOT and our menu included:

Chicken Nanban style (sweet and sour, little bit hot marinade sauce for fried chicken, served with boiled egg  & Mayo sauce),

Okonomiyaki (popular savory pancake with pork, cabbage, leek etc.)

Tempura of Kabocha pumpkin and aubergine,

Cold simple (but very yummy!)  salad of fresh cabbage and marinade Kombu,


Among all kinds of dishes we prepared, my guests’ best favorite was perhaps our boiled egg & Mayo sauce, which is very yummy even without chicken and perfect for sandwiches as well.

Many thanks for coming to my little kitchen!








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