2 main & 3 side dishes class for UK Rugby fans

My guests for this class (Nov 2019) were from York and London, UK.  Again they were all visiting Tokyo to watch Rugby World cup games. I was very happy to hear that some of their Rugby friends recommended my class  for some experience between the games!

All the dishes were truly authentic Japanese, as my guest lady requested to have ‘no meat, seafood and veggies only’ menu. So we prepared:

Takikomi Gohan with mushrooms & veggies,

Salmon and swordfish Nanban style,

spinach with sweet sesame sauce,

aubergine with white Miso sauce,

perssimmon and greens with creamy Tofu sauce,

We had a lot of  tasks starting from a very Japanese process, grating a piece of smoked Bonito fish to make some Dashi broth of course. Thanks to my very fun and hard working guests, everything went so smoothly and our lunch was beautifully done!

Many thanks for coming!



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