Gyoza and Takikomi Gohan (flavored rice with chicken etc.) class

The main dish for this ALL girls class was our all-time favorite Gyoza, plus a few side dishes of auberges with caramel-like white Miso sauce, Kaki (persimmon) salad with Tofu cream, Miso soup with Enoki mushroom, and Takikomi Gohan instead of our regular rice.

‘Takikomi ‘ is a method of cooking rice with seasonings such as soy sauce, Sake etc. and putting a few kinds of vegetables and chicken.  Sounds complicated?  Well, all you need to do is just chop your ingredients and put them into your rice cooker, put seasonings and turn on the button.

This is a typically popular menu in autumn here in Japan, so we cut out some thinly sliced carrot into a maple leaf shapes to decorate our Takikomi Gohan.

My guest ladies were from everywhere, San Francisco, Salt Lake City, Honolulu and Tel Aviv, Wow!

It was a lot of fun and we were a great team in the Tokyo kitchen. The result was a gorgeous home made Japanese lunch of course! Some of my guests even had a second serve of our Takikomi, making me super happy.

Many thanks for coming!




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