Salmon & Prawn lunch for a Rugby family

Rugby World Cup continued… and more Rugby fans at my little kitchen !

My guest was a lovely family from Southampton, England and of course they were here to cheer Red Roses, I thought.   But their big Daddy was actually an enthusiastic fan of All Blacks. So I had to take out my jar of  authentic Manuka honey to serve on top of our dessert after meal.

It was a lot of fun to listen to their Rugby talks being a novice fan of Rugby by that time,  enjoying watching the games on TV .

Main dish menu picked for this class was seafood.  We cooked salmon and prawn Nanban style, plus seasonal Kaki (persimmon) salad with Tofu sauce, miso soup with Dashi, rice etc.

Lots of fun and lots of laughs during cooking !

Many many thanks for coming and sharing great family time with me!


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