Ramen and Gyoza class for an UK Rugby supporter

Rugby World Cup was still continuing in Tokyo and here I had a solo gentleman guest from UK.  I was not very familiar with this sport until we had this game as a hosting country and luckily, I was learning a lot about its rules etc. from my guest those days!

Between the games, my guest thought it would be a good experience to try cooking his favorite Japanese dish, Tonkotsu Raman with thick milky broth. This thickness of the soup mainly comes from pork leg bones’ marrow. Maybe unusual in European cooking as beef bones are much more common as  ingredients.

After enjoying Ramen and Gyoza cooking, my foodie guest was off to Kappa Bashi, famous kitchenware street for some more culinary adventure.

I hope my guest enjoyed his Ramen as much as watching Rugby games!

Many thanks for coming!


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