Pork Ramen & Gyoza class

Another Pork Ramen & Gyoza class with a couple from San Francisco, USA.  My guest couples visited me after travelling various places & cities in Japan and they told me they have been trying many different Ramens around the country.

As you may be well aware, Ramen could be chicken, pork or seafood broth, and flavored with Miso, soy sauce or simply salt. Topping choices are also very wide & always new types of Ramen are coming up. That is part of the reason this comfort food in a simple bowl keep alluring so many people. On the other hand,  I am always a little worried if what we are making at my small kitchen  is what my guests were looking for.

My guest couple did a wonderful presentation of topping for their 1st home-made Ramen & mastered how to fold and make neat frills on Gyoza dumplings. I am sure they are making some more at their home kitchen after their trip to Tokyo.

Many thanks for coming!



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