Chicken Karaage class for a family

The main dish for this class was chicken Karaage (Japanese style fried chicken), accompanied by aubergine with Miso sauce,  spinach in sesame sauce, Miso soup of Enoki mushroom & fried Tofu (O-a-ge) and a bowl of rice.

My guest was a family from Western Australia.  Their two young boys were learning the Japanese language at school and they also were big fans of our food, wow!  Even my youngest guest adventured to use our smoked Bonito grater.

The boys were looking for a Bento box to take home from Tokyo.  Chicken Karaage is one of the best food to put in lunch boxes and children in our country, including my own.  It is a kind of menu Japanese Mum and Dad make when we want to cheer up kids, or for a special occasion Bento such as school excursions, etc. Simply because everybody loves it!

Like the most family menu, each house has a slightly different Chicken Karaage recipe. I use potato starch for batter and garlic & ginger for flavor.  My young guests liked them very much but what they also loved was a bowl of rice with a sprinkle of Furikake (flakes of salty smoked Bonito, herbs, sesame, etc.), so truly Japanese homey style!

Many thanks for coming!




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