Tonkotsu Ramen & Gyoza Class

My guest couple here (back in 2019) was from California, USA, and their main dish was one of our most requested menus, Ramen with pork broth & Miso, plus Gyoza dumplings. But I also received one unusual request as we start,   if we can play some music while preparing our lunch!

And that is exactly what I do when I am cooking by myself.  Why not, no problem at all, let’s play some music! But I only knew some very old tunes from the 80s (my age) and my Alexa understood only the Japanese language. I manage to make Alexa play a few reggae tunes for my guest but I am afraid it was not so exciting a choice …That was my only regret from this class.

Still, the preparation of Ramen & Gyoza all went very smoothly and my guests completed some delicious Japanese dishes as shown in the photo.  These sizzling menus were a bit hot for early September daytime, so I prepared a little glass of sweets to cool down before my guests were off to Tokyo streets.

I was very happy my guests liked my after-Ramen sweets very much they wanted to know the exact name of this dessert.  As I replied there is actually no name & appreciate it if they could name it, my guests pondered for some seconds and said ‘Summer Cream’.  Indeed, it has a bright orange color of mango like the sun in the summer!

Many thanks for coming & nice naming!



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