Seafood lovers from Down Under


The main dish request was something but not , so I recommended my favorite dish, of salmon!

My guest was from Australia and they were also visiting Taiwan and Hong Kong prior to their arrival into Tokyo. Both are dream destinations for in Japan and I had a lot of questions to ask!

To be honest, I have spent a lot of time working as a travel writer so I am good at asking questions, rather than answering them. But of course I answered all my questions from my guets, too (I hope I did).

We also two side dishes with great sauces; sweet & savory Miso for grilled eggplants & sauce for spinach, full of aromas!

My guest liked sesame sauce very much that she told me she was going to get a traditional sesame pounder.

I hope my guests liked their home cooked food at Tokyo apartment…
Many thanks for coming!