Japanese cooking class on Oct 12th

Now almost mid in October, the weather in get milder.  It takes long time to cool down and less humidity in this year. It became much easier to spend outside.

I had  guests a  of three from U.S and a man from U.K.  We “amakara don” which is sweet soy sauce dressed fried over rice with hot spring egg.

“Hot spring egg” is half boiled egg. But the different with normal half boiled egg is  coagulated egg York and liquidity egg while. As you know, Japanese hot spring is not a boiling hot, but keeping stable  high temperature. The certain temperature make egg yolk coagulate faster than egg while.  We Japanese eat fresh egg since it is one of the custom beside the sanitation system is reliable.  This hot spring egg goes with rice bowl with chicken/meat and fresh fish .


img_4514                      All the participants get along with others cooperate during time  and that make  great for talking each other at last the eating time.   We work together to complete delicious for .



Menus on Oct 12th

Amakara kara-age don with hot spring egg

Cucumber sesame dressing

eggplant with dashi-soy sauce

rice/ miso soup


Many thanks for the great time!








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