Japanese cooking class on Oct 20th ’16

I welcomed a boy and the mother from France. The mother is a chef so I had been excited to see her in the class.
They requested to cook Maki-sushi for the main dish so I prepared fresh salmon sashimi, tuna, avocado and cucumber for the sushi ingredients.
The boy, 10 years old, worked spontaneously and wanted to try cutting process and did well!  I could assume he helps mom very often for kitchen work.

He is cutting his favorite salmon sashimi… well done!  After cutting they rolled those ingredients for maki sushi, and made Nigiri-sushi.  We also made salmon  aburi-sushi (broiled salmon)  in the class.
Although the process was little complicated, the boy liked  salmon sushi at the end.
The chef has a very good sense of cooking  and picked up Japanese cooking skill immediately. So she asked me a good point questions often that made me nervous, haha. I also learned a lot from her point of view.
Today’s menu on Oct 20th
Maki-sushi    salmon, avocado, egg cakes, cucumber
Salmon nigiri-surhi / aburi-sushi with ponzu-onion dressing
Tuna tartar nigiri  with sweet soy sauce
Cucumber sesame dressing
Grilled eggplant with Miso paste
Clear soup

salmon lover’s plate …

Thank you for coming our cooking class!  I’ll see you next week for Ramen class.

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