Japanease cooking class on Sep 29th

The class welcomed a couple from L.A.  It was the last cooking class on September.  It was still hot and humid day even though it was almost autumn season on the calendar. I believe this summer in Japan must be hard for human!
Although the weather was like summer, I’d like to express autumn on the dining table.  we prepared sweet potato rice  at this time.
Japanese  sweet potato has a unique texture I, and the customers never seen in outside of Japan.
The outside is beautiful purple and inside is white. It contains a dense starch so the potato become nice and soft texture, but not watery when it cooked.  We Japanese have been eating  baked potato as a natural healthy snack.
I had a request as no pork for the ingredients so we cooked fish Nanban-zuke for the main course.
 Today’s menu on Sep 29th ’16
     Mackarel Nanban-zuke
   Cucumber  sesame dressing
eggplant with miso-egg sauce

I’ve shared information of halal café in my neighborhood  just opened the day before.  There is in Sophia University in Yotsuya.  Everybody could visit the café.
Tokyo Halal deli & café
There is a pray space in a same building.
The today’s guests visited the café and said very nice and clean.
Many thanks for a sweet couple from L.A!!

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