Salmon Teriyaki cooking with Canadian family

The main dish for this class was my family’s favorite, salmon Teriyaki.  Plus we prepared Gyoza with pork & veggies, several side dishes, Miso soup with Dashi broth, etc.  All from scratch except Gyoza wrappers, as we can buy them very reasonably at any supermarket here in Tokyo.

I still remember the remark by my guest at our lunch table.  ” Wherever you travel, Good food is always simple!”

The father especially liked the combination of our plain rice and grilled salmon with Teriyaki sauce very much.  They are such simple dishes but so good.

You may find a bottle of Teriyaki sauce at grocery stores but Japanese-style Teriyaki sauce consists of soy sauce, Mirin, and Sake. Period. All three are our staple seasonings and are stocked in every kitchen.

FYI, Mirin is a fortified type of Sake.  Once the liquor with high alcohol is added, fermentation gets stopped and it can maintain a high level of glucose, fructose, etc.  In short, it is very sweet!

Many thanks for coming!



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