Interview and shooting on September 18th

I welcomed Tokyo expats polish couple on the day.
Ms. A and her husband Mr.V enthusiast for Japanese cooking / food culture.  Ms. A has a great knowledge of Japanese food as well as food ways on other countries.
She had researched about  washoku culture very well before the interview moreover,she LOVES them, so we could understand each other very soon.
Wiktor said he is an amateur photographer, but see his pictures are amazing as a professional!


Photo by Wiktor staniecki
Since I’ve been working for obtaining sake sommelier, I served seasonal sake at this time.  I’m glad Wiktor liked the pairing of food and sake.
Today’s menu
Grilled salmon Yuan marinade
eggplant miso-egg cream
Maitake mashroom tempura
sweet potato rice
Shiratama -mochi  red bean paste/ sweet soy paste

Here links to her article.
The charms of Japanese autumn
Oops! That embed can’t be found.
It looks like nothing was found at this location. Maybe try visiting We czworo przez swiat directly?

We czworo przez swiat
She also writes for polish-Japanese community
Thank you very much for the beautiful pictures and intelligent article for Musubi Cooking Class!

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