Japanesae cooking class on Oct 13th’16

The guests today came from Boston  and Seattle in US. I had a request for  Chicken Karaage  as the main dish.

A young from Boston had traveled in Japan for a of weeks and they flew back to Boston the next day of the class. The other guest, traveled alone  has a culinary background and she is interested in traditional cooking. It was a great time to cook together with them.

We usually cook bonito stock at the beginning of the class. This stock is fundamental of Japanese taste like chicken stock for cooking. We cooked the stock at this time as well and shared little cup of the liquid for the tasting.

They “Kanpai!”  Japanese meaning of Cheers! with the stock. I’m glad they understand such aromatic dashi stock flavor.


  Today’s menu on Oct 13th

Chicken Kara-age s

Shredded with wasabi dressing

Cucumber sesame dressing

egg plant

Rice/ miso soup

Matcha pudding


I usually ask the guests to do the table setting. I believe it is a bit challenging for people who are  not familiar with them but knowing the plate allocation is also good to know Japanese .

Thank you for attending the class. Hope you’ll cook Chicken Kara-age in your !


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