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Gyoza and Tempura/ 2 main dishes

Today’s guests are a happy group from San Diego and it was so much fun! The menu is 2 main dishes: Gyoza and Tempura and 2 side dishes: Japanese sesame spinach salad/cucumber salad tofu and Okura miso-soup always so much fun to make Gyoza with family and friends! Let’s do Gyoza Party!! And also preparation […]

2 main dishes class

Okonomiyaki! “Japanese pan cake” is for the lunch or the dinner not for the dessert. We put pork, Shrimp and Cabbage and yam and one more ingredient which is secret:-). Salmon-NanbanZuke. Salmon marinated in sour sauce which you can arrange with other white fish or Chicken too. Itadakimasu! thank you for coming!

Ramen class

Always yummy and taste naturally! At the Ramen class, we make Gyoza(pork dumplings) and one more side dish. Making Gyoza with friends or family is always so much fun! Looks so yummy ! Itadakimasu!!!

Tempura and Pork Ginger class!

Today was the Private class. The 2 main dishes are Tempura and Pork Ginger. The point of Tempura preparation is remove water from and keeping ingredients cool. Deep frying time! We put the ingredients a little by each in to the oil then we can keep oil temperatures. We also made Pork Ginger, Japanese sesame […]

Ramen and Gyoza class

Today’s class was Ramen and Gyoza class for 6 students !!! From U.K, France, Spain…all over the Europe:-). I always start prepare cooking the Ramen soup stock (made by Chicken and Pork and ginger and green onion) the day before the class which I always explain to the students advance. To make Ramen Soup stock […]