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Thank you for coming to our web site. We, Musubi Japanese cooking class in Tokyo, are very happy to offer homemade Japanese cooking class for you in Tokyo.

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Japanese homemade foods

We are very passionate to teach Japanese homemade foods which conveys Japanese culture and tips/secrets of Japanese foods. We heard from many non-Japanese that Japanese foods seem to be very difficult to cook. But after our cooking class, you would have understood that Japanese cooking is very simple, but tasty and healthy.



Because cooking embodies much history and culture of Japan – for example, the essence of Nanbanduke, marinated deep-fried salmon, was introduced to Japan by Portuguese technique of frying and marinating more than about 400 years ago – the happiest news is when we hear from lots of our guests that they have cooked Japanese homemade meals for their own friends or family after the classes.

Ramen Cooking Class
Ramen Cooking Class

とり、なす  しらあえ

At Japanese home

We offer our cooking classes not at the cooking studio/restaurant but at the Japanese home where you would understand where/how Japanese people live in Tokyo.









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