Japanese Sweets Class on October 5th

I welcomed a pastry chef from Niece, France this morning to make Japanese sweets.

She requested Japanese cheese cake, matcha rolled cake and dora-yaki.

She is really professional ,  works as a pastry chef for years.


Look at her position which is about to roll the jenoise with azuki cream.

IMG_0461 (1)

And cut the cakes carefully and beautifully.


Look at this flawless cheese cake!     I shared my cheese cake recipe, but she made it much nicer than I expected.  I also learned her professional techniques making soufflé successfully.

She also made daifuku- mocha and “onigiri” for her lunch.  We made them successfully.

Many thanks,



Japanese Sweets Class on September 21st

I welcomed a couple from Australia this morning.

They requested Japanese cheese cake for the class.

I often hear about “Japanese cheese cake” from tourists in my class. I wondered what a Japanese cheese cake and I knew it is soufflé cheese cake what we call in Japan.    However, I sometime hear about the cheese cake that became one of Japanese sweets as popular as mochi sweets.

Today’s menus are Japanese cheese cake, matcha rolled cake and daifuku-mochi with grapes.

IMG_6319 (1)

They both made each sweets and competed which sweets will be well done.   IMG_6322 (1)

They both work for matcha  rolled cake together.  Rolling azuki cream with jenoise  sheet is the most difficult work in the class.

IMG_6326 (1)

They were doing great!

IMG_6330 (1)


Finally they accomplished Japanese sweets plate!

Many thanks!








Schedule in Fall

This is the new schedule. We will offer any additional class on the basis of your request. So please just let us know when do you like to take class, and we are happy to offer the class on your request.

date meeting time-
finish time
meeting point Menu instructor Price (Yen)
Oct-2 Mon ,10:00-13:00 Yotsuya Ramen kisshy Price: 8000 yen,
Oct-3 Tue ,10:00-13:00 Yoyogi-Uehara Oyako-don Yuki Price: 8000 yen,
Oct-5 Thu ,10:00-13:00 Yoyogi-Uehara Yuki Price: 8000 yen,
Oct-5 Thu ,10:00-13:00 hanzomon Saba Misoni (Mackerel Simmered in Miso) + Japanese pickles in Bran Akiko Price:12000
Oct-5 Thu ,10:00-13:00 Yotsuya Japanese sweets Kisshy Price: 8000 yen,
Oct-10 Tue ,10:00-13:00 Hanzomon Ramen and Gyoza Akiko Price: 8000 yen,
Oct-12 Thu ,10:00-13:00 Yoyogi-Uehara Yuki Price: 8000 yen,
Oct-16 Mon ,10:00-13:00 Hanzomon Akiko Price: 8000 yen,
Oct-19 Thu ,10:00-13:00 Yoyogi-Uehara Yuki Price: 8000 yen,
Oct-23 Mon ,10:00-13:00 Yotsuya Kisshy Price: 8000 yen,
Oct-25 Wed ,10:00-13:00 Yotsuya salmon sauteed with miso veggie Kisshy Price: 6000 yen,
Oct-26 Thu ,10:00-13:00 Yoyogi-Uehara Yuki Price: 8000 yen,


For November and December, please let us know your available schedule!