Ramen class for mother and daughter a private class

I’ve welcomed close mom and daughter from Indonesia this morning for ramen class.

They requested a fish dish besides the ramen course, and we cooked additional swordfish dish.  I’m glad they liked all the food, and hope they cook them back in their kitchen.


Making Gyoza, they made great shape of gyoza!

Miso ramen with Char-shiu, pork miso, runny egg,  sauteed vegetables, corn.

Thank you for coming ramen class!





Schedule in Fall

This is the new schedule. We will offer any additional class on the basis of your request. So please just let us know when do you like to take class, and we are happy to offer the class on your request.

date meeting time-
finish time
meeting point Menu instructor Price (Yen)
Oct-2 Mon ,10:00-13:00 Yotsuya Ramen kisshy Price: 8000 yen,
Oct-3 Tue ,10:00-13:00 Yoyogi-Uehara Oyako-don Yuki Price: 8000 yen,
Oct-5 Thu ,10:00-13:00 Yoyogi-Uehara Yuki Price: 8000 yen,
Oct-5 Thu ,10:00-13:00 hanzomon Saba Misoni (Mackerel Simmered in Miso) + Japanese pickles in Bran Akiko Price:12000
Oct-5 Thu ,10:00-13:00 Yotsuya Japanese sweets Kisshy Price: 8000 yen,
Oct-10 Tue ,10:00-13:00 Hanzomon Ramen and Gyoza Akiko Price: 8000 yen,
Oct-12 Thu ,10:00-13:00 Yoyogi-Uehara Yuki Price: 8000 yen,
Oct-16 Mon ,10:00-13:00 Hanzomon Akiko Price: 8000 yen,
Oct-19 Thu ,10:00-13:00 Yoyogi-Uehara Yuki Price: 8000 yen,
Oct-23 Mon ,10:00-13:00 Yotsuya Kisshy Price: 8000 yen,
Oct-25 Wed ,10:00-13:00 Yotsuya salmon sauteed with miso veggie Kisshy Price: 6000 yen,
Oct-26 Thu ,10:00-13:00 Yoyogi-Uehara Yuki Price: 8000 yen,


For November and December, please let us know your available schedule!

sauteed salmon with spring cabbage on March 29th

I’ve welcomed wonderful  two families from Korea and England.

I was thinking if we can bring food we cook to outside as bento- box and  have lunch under cherry blossoms for today’s class. However, the weather is not so good, too chilly to stay for lunch outside.

Eventually I decided to have a class as usual in my home .   We cook

                                        Sautéed salmon with spring cabbage

                                    Creamy tofu salad

                                       Crushed cucumber with sesame dressing

                                              Rice and miso soup


Salmon is a convenient ingredient, easy to obtain most of the countries.  we cook salmon and spring cabbage, onion and carrot in a big  cooking plate on a dining table.  Today’s participants enjoyed cooking and eating the menu.

Hope you bring the recipe back to your country and cook salmon dish at your kitchen.


Many thanks