Japaneses home cooking in Marh 17th ’17 and Ramen place in kagurazaka

I had a lovely guest from Portugal  today.She likes  cooking and wants to learn Japanese home cooking. We exchanged email in advance about the menu what we cook for the class. She prefers cooking which she can recreate them after she’ll come back to her country.

Eventually we decide to cooked


       Menu on March 17th

Mackerel cooked in miso sauce,

Shira-ae ( blanched vegetables mixed with tofu sauce),

Pumpkin cooked in sweet soy sauce,

Rice and miso-soup.

Well balanced!


As I expected, she has  great cooking skill, cutting / chopping fast and tide. I enjoyed cooking with her and wanted to share all my cooking knowledge.

People who take the cooking class are interested in ingredients, cookery, habit and culture.  I’d always love to answer and share those questions as much as possible in the class. If I couldn’t give the answer I’ll get back to them by email later. It is such delightful to hear when the attendees in my class go  back to their country then have chance to cook Japanese food.

She also tried to visit ramen place “Kimino” in kagurazaka. I always recommend this to attendees to try ramen there.


The ramen there doesn’t contain MSG-food additives. It is not easy to complete making soup for ramen without MSG, since the compound  produces UMAMI, and that make the ramen taste nicer.

At the beginning of  making ramen recipe for my class, I’ve struggled for making the soup avoiding MSG for a while. I heard the ramen place in kagurazaka by chance which doesn’t contain any food additives.

I visited the place right after I heard. The tiny ramen restaurant is located on cozy, narrow street in Kagurazaka.  Inside of the bar is clean and well hygiene,  and has warm-welcomed atmosphere.

The ramen there was just impressive. The madam there recommend me to have all the soup.  She said the soup doesn’t contain so much salt, ( and of course no chemical added) so it’s good for you.  The madam is warm, open minded lady. She also gave me a plenty of advise to make nice soup at home.

Although I haven’t herd the recipe in the ramen bar, I appreciate her that she is my big help for the ramen class nicer, people come to cook and said  delicious eventually.

Today’s guest was the first who visited the place. She had a good time, good ramen there according to her report.  I appreciate it, very much!  I’m looking forward to hearing your Japanese cooking report in Lisbon again.

P.S Thank you for the wonderful review on Trip Advisor!














Ramen clas on Feb 24th ’17

I am happy to see people came from different countries and  meet in my class and cook together.  Most of the time they get along with each other during the class.

At the end of the class we eat together what we cooked in the class. At this time the participants are relaxed and open their mind to other participants.

All the attendees today are cheerful and open minded, and they seemed became friends right after met each other at the meeting point.

The class went very well in happy mood.  Can you believe they just first met 1 hour before!?


We cooked ramen, gyoza and cucumber side dish. We enjoyed cooking and enjoyed having ramen, of cause!



They exchanged the travel information and the experience. We all had a great time.


Many thanks!








Japanese cooking menu on Feb 22nd

I’ve welcomed 6 people today.  There are two parties from Australia in different region.

We cooked salmon nanbanz-zuke ( Japanese style escabeche),

winter spinach dressed with creamy sesame dressing,

grilled-fried tofu with sweet miso sauce)

Rice and Miso sauce.






In this winter I use winter spinach for the side dish.  This spinach can be obtain only cold winter season February to middle of March.

The leaves climb on the ground when it grows, and the chilled ground make the spinach sweet and thicken the leaves.  The spinach has a great flavor and sweetness. This kind of spinach goes with creamed sesame dressing perfectly.

Hope everyone enjoys this seasonal flavor in winter class.

ちじみほうれん草 に対する画像結果


Many thanks







Japanese cooking class on Feb 10th

I’ve welcomed a couple from England in today’s class.

We cooked salmon nanban-zuke, spinach with sesame cream sauce ( Goma-ae), pumpkin cook with sweet soy sauce, egg omelet and miso soup.

At this class, the couple who cooks daily did their work very quickly, I was impressed their team work!  We had a time to cook Japanese omelets for extra. Otherwise we finished cooking too early!


She did well at rolling up egg omelets.



Her husband worked well for grinding sesame for spinach dressing.

Eventually we had a very “Oishii” delicious lunch together.


Thank you for coming and hope you’ll cook Japanese dishes in your country.


Many thanks




Ramen class on Feb 8th 2017

I had two participants in the class; a man from Guatemala and a lady from  Holland.

Both of them had a culinary background and  they were very curious to cook ramen.

To know cooking ramen from the scratch, it is important to know “umami”.  what is “umami”?


According to Wiki, it is briefly  written as…..

Umami (/uˈmɑːmi/), or savory taste, is one of the five basic tastes (together with sweetness, sourness, bitterness, and saltiness).[1] It has been described as brothy or meaty.[2][3]

I show the traditional ingredients for ramen soup to the participants in the lecture and would like them to understand before start to cook.

Both of them are good cook and the class went very well. We’ve done prep quickly, So I  could take time to taste and adjust ramen soup.  This is the most important part of Ramen cooking.


IMG_4948 IMG_4947


Thank you very much for such nice reviews for TripAdvisor!

I really enjoyed cooking with you!!

Many thanks