Japanese cooking class on Augst 18th

Thank you for coming a couple from Spain!  I gave their name as Eriko and Hiroshi.

Their trip in Japan is as their honeymoon.

We cooked Gyoza as their request and other side dishes.  They like gyoza, and they wanted cook it by themselves. When we wrap gyoza, I once showed how to wrap them and made form, they picked up very quickly and made BEAUTIFL gyoza. They both did better than me, again!

Menus on August 10th


Cucumber with grated sesame dressing

Egg plant dengaku ( sweet miso paste)

Bonito sashimi with Japanese herbs

Rice and Miso soup


Eriko-san and Hiroshi eager to give a gyoza party with their friends in near future. I believe they do successful.   Good luck to your party!

Many thanks,