Ramen class o Sep 12th

My first class at Yotsuya on September is a Ramen Class.

The participants from Belgium and a couple from Australia.

A young Belgium girl traveled all over the world and  we  were really interested in her talk.  Thank you for sharing your interesting trip experiences!

What we do in my class

I usually give lecture  of each recipe what we will cook today at the beginning of the class. I show the ingredients and seasoning at this time and often teste those flavors.

Then participants cut all the ingredients. Using Japanese knife.

Participants mix seasonings or start to cook using recipes by themselves. Of cause I give them many advises and notices. Don’t worry I watch you!  I tell everybody what’s going on “other recipes”

Cook and finish the dishes

Participants set their own table by themselves using ” table setting allocation ”


Then we say ” Ita-daki-masu” before eating.



Today’s menu

Miso-Ramen with sautéed vegetables, pork miso, seasoned eggs, braised pork


Sesame dressed cucumbers

Matcha pudding

Many Thanks!





Japanese Cooking Class on Aug.10th

I welcomed a couple from Birmingham, UK for the cooking  class.  I gave their name Daisuke and Saeko.  They both are intelligent and close couple.  I loved to hear their experience on their annual vacation trip all over the world, wow!

Both of them are keen on cooking. Mr. Daisuke loved Japanese cooking knife. He has a good knife skill and done beautiful- fine Julienne of shiso leaves.  Better than me!




  Menu on Augst 10th

Horse mackerel Nanban-zuke

Egg plant miso dengaku

Cucumber with ground sesame dressing

marinated fresh tuna sashimi

rice and miso soup

matcha cake

I’m very happy to hear both of them loved Japanese food.


Ms. Saeko, I appreciate your such an amazing review on TripAdvisor!

It was also interesting to hear that they went to Nagiso in Nagano pref.  during their stay in Japan.  According to the website, Nagiso has  beautiful nature,  historical place, and nice hot springs. I often learn my guests the  fascinating places where I’ve never visit in Japan.

Nagiso website


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Japanese home cooking class on Jul 29th ’16

Thank you for coming my cooking class Ms. A from France, Mr. and Ms. V from Denmark and Mr. E, French man  from India. Wow!  Very international class today!   Their talk went very well in French and the class as a kind of salon for socializing.

jul 29th

Menus on Jul 29th

Horse Mackerel Nanban-zuke

Cucumber with sesame-vinegar dressing

Sautéed eggplant with red miso paste

Bonito sashimi

Rice and Miso soup

Matcha cake

Fresh bonito is now in season, so I served bonito sashimi as an extra dish since I want guests to taste Japanese seasonal flavor.  Bonito has a strong flavor  so the sashimi commonly served with Japanese herb as garnish, such as grated ginger, shisho leaves, myouga and fresh thin sliced onion.  Also  bonito sashimi go with Ponzu sauce and it always served together.

 It was kind of my “research” to serve little dish of bonito sashimi if non Japanese guests pro to the taste.  Since the  bonito has a strong flavor as I mentioned, and shiso leaves and myouga are Japanese unique flavors too so do people accept those flavor??   As a result , those flavors are accepted today’s all attendees  in this class, and they liked it, yeah!!

I decided I will serve something unique seasonal little dish in my class.  If someone  may not like the flavor, I apporgyze sincerely.  However, I believe it is a kind of an experience to taste what we Japanese eat and appreciate seasonal food in certain season.

I hope enjoy them!

Many thanks,