Chicken Teriyaki & Gyoza class

This was a private class with 2 x main dishes for a family from Indonesia. My guests’ choices were chicken Triyaki and pork Gyoza, plus a few side dishes including Edamame green beans.

The family had two boys, 7 and 5 years old. The eldest boy was the most passionate cook that day and he was so eager to learn everything including how to finish up a nice shiny Teriyaki sauce! It was so much fun to cook with this little chef.

His Mum and Gramma were kindly answering all my quesitons about Indonesian cuisine, including some recipe for rich and nutty Satay sauce. So we had a kind of chicken-dish sauce recipe exchange ! Satay is one of my children’s favorite menu so I didn’t want to miss this rare opportunity.

I know I am very lucky and spoiled sometimes…

Many thanks for coming !


Chicken Teriyaki & potato salad class

Congratulations on your 50th anniversary and many thanks for choosing our home cooking class on such a special trip to Japan from London UK!

Main dish choice by my guest couple was Chicken Teriyaki, all time favorite at my family. We also prepared Japanese style potato salad, which uses a lot of Mayo instead of butter, as well as thinly sliced onion, cucumber etc.

The most important ingredients for nice & flavorful Teriyaki sauce would be Mirin, a type of Sake. Its beautiful amber colour is a sign of good maturity and complex sweetness.

If you have a good bottle of Mirin, Teriyai sauce is simple and easy! My guest couple prepared a shiny golden brown sauce with no problem. This sauce goes really great along with plain white rice, too!

Many thanks for coming to our home cooking class!


Chicken Teriyaki

Today’s menu was

: Chicken Teriyaki

: Spinach sesame salad

: Eggplant and Green peppers sauté with sweet miso sauce

:Rice and Miso-soup (Tofu and Seaweed)

The guests are fun couple from Switzerland!

They learnt hot to make Chicken Teriyaki TENTER and SOFT !!!So yummy !

It is always fun to talk about the different culture and we laughed a lots about each “fun” culture different.

Thank you for taking the class !