Ramen Cooking Class in Tokyo, one day class

We are offering special Cooking Class in Tokyo, Japan. It’s one day class, 2-3 hours. is usually offered in professional restaurant but not at home. But we have prepared easier recipe so that even beginners can cook at home.

Ramen Cooking Class
Ramen Cooking Class

The example menu is as following.

  • Miso Ramen with sautéed ground pork and simmered pork on top
  • Gyoza (dumplings)
  • One side dish ( ie. Crushed Cucumber marinated with soy- ginger)
  • Rice

Please understand that we don’t cook noodle from scratch. Instead, we just boil the noodle which is available at the supermarket.

The class is held near the Yotsuya Station which is midtown Tokyo.



The example of the Ramen class.

It is Ramen Class today!


Miso Ramen with sautéed ground pork and simmered pork on top


Crushed Cucumber marinated with soy- ginger


Matcha cake

Welcome to my kitchen, wonderful family from New Zealand and food lover Spanish man!   They loved Miso Ramen. The class was a lot of fun and I laughed a lot during the class. Thank you everyone to make the class delightful!

I’m glad to hear that the family cooked Ramen after they got back to their home in New Zealand.


This is Miso Ramen we cooked at the class.

I prepare  chicken soup and simmered pork hours ahead and we will finish wish season the soup, stair fly vegetables and sautéed ground pork  and preparing ramen noodle together at the class.   we made Gyoza in the class. everybody like to wrap the gyoza, and did very well!



Ramen Class report

Here is the Ramen class!

Today’s students are from U.K and Australia.

The Ramen soup stock made by Chicken carcasses and Chicken wings,Pork Spearib and Green onion and yellow onion, Garlic and Ginger and Sake and Water. It takes full day to make the Ramen Soup stock so I start to prepare the day before the class.

Always yummy and taste naturally!

At the Ramen class, we make Gyoza(pork dumplings) and one more side dish. Making Gyoza with friends or family is always so much fun!

Looks so yummy !


It was an another fun class!

thank you so much for coming.




Ramen without Dashi broth, still yummy! /June 2017

At this class, one of the guest preferred not to use any seafood. I usually make Dashi stock and pork /chicken stock for making Ramen soup. As you may have heard, Dashi stock  is the backbone for Japanese culinary but it uses smoked bonito fish flakes etc., thus not recommended if you do not like seafood.  But don’t worry, Ramen without Dashi turned out absolutely gorgeous with other seasonings. 

In fact, there are many recipes of Ramen around Japan and the variety just keeps growing all the time.  There are not a few bloggers in Japan who enjoy Ramen shop-hopping and report on each Ramen they tasted.


Talking about blogs, another guest lady was a food blogger and her page was full of yummy photos. It was a pity I cannot read Spanish or Italian, the language she is writing, but all the photos are really mouth-watering. 

Her lovely daughter was also joining my cooking class. As a youngest participant, she was naturally appointed to hand-mixing of sticky Gyoza fillings, the most tiring part of Gyoza making but she has completed her mission very well.


The whole family were such foodies that the father, a very skilled vegetable chopper, explained to me some interesting stories about Italian Ravioli making. It was a fun class with lots of food information exchange!


I hope they enjoyed their time at my kitchen.  Many thanks for coming,


Seafood Ramen class!

Back to school, back to work and back to  cooking class in September!

My guest  was a music performer at literally the most famous and popular theme park in Tokyo. It was her last days when she visited us and she chose to cook Ramen with seafood and vegetables.

It was a private class so she prepared almost everything by herself but all turned out really yummy! I was happy she liked our smoked bonito. She dercribes the taste similar to Bacon. Yes, the smoky flavor and Umami from red meat!

Many thanks for coming & best of luck in LA!




The places we shared at the class….

When there are more than two groups in a class, we often share the trip information.  I often realize that there are many aspect of Tokyo even Japan, like food, hot springs and  amusements but I haven’t know a lot of things. Now I learn a lot from my gests.  I appreciate that very much!

This is a nice sushi restaurant.  The price is super, but believe it worth.

Kyu bei 



sushi shou   in yotsuya  Alain Ducasses favarite, pricy too




This is not that so expensive but really nice sushi. There is a brunch in tsukiji outside of the market.  “Sushi-sei”



This is Okinawa shop in Ginza. The shop might have sea grapes.




This is a website for taco rice in Tokyo  written in Japanese but pics are nice.



Many thanks!