We are quite flexible. So please let us know your available dates here. We would respond to you as soon as possible.

Note 1: We don’t usually offer classes on Saturday and Sunday, but if you can contact us in enough advance, we may be able to accommodate your booking.

Note 2: We usually ask  two+ minimum participants to offer the cooking class, but if you are one party, we would try to find the spots available.


The following is the latest schedule but we are open for other dates. Please just contact us here.

date meeting time-
finish time
meeting point Menu
May-1 Tue 10am-1pm Hanzomon Sushi
May-2 Wed 10am-1pm Yotsuya ramen (pork) gyoza (pork)
May-4 Fri 10am-1pm Yotsuya
May-7 Mon 10am-1pm Hanzomon
May-9 Wed 10am-1pm Yotsuya
May-11 Fri 10am-1pm Yotsuya Ramen
May-14 Mon 10am-1pm Hanzomon
May-15 Tue 10am-1pm Yoyogi-Uehara
May-16 Wed 10am-1pm Yotsuya
May-17 Thu 10am-1pm Yoyogi-Uehara
May-21 Mon 10am-1pm Hanzomon Omakase
May-22 Tue 10am-1pm Yoyogi-Uehara
May-23 Wed 10am-1pm Yotsuya
May-24 Thu 10am-1pm Yoyogi-Uehara Ramen
May-25 Fri 10am-1pm Yotsuya
May-28 Mon 10am-1pm Hanzomon
May-29 Tue 10am-1pm Yoyogi-Uehara
May-30 Wed 10am-1pm Yotsuya
May-31 Thu 10am-1pm Yoyogi-Uehara

Jun-1 Fri 10am-1pm Yotsuya
Jun-4 Mon 10am-1pm Hanzomon
Jun-5 Tue 10am-1pm Yoyogi-Uehara
Jun-6 Wed 10am-1pm Yotsuya
Jun-7 Thu 10am-1pm Yoyogi-Uehara
Jun-8 Fri 10am-1pm Yotsuya
Jun-11 Mon 10am-1pm Hanzomon
Jun-12 Tue 10am-1pm Yoyogi-Uehara
Jun-14 Thu 10am-1pm Yoyogi-Uehara
Jun-15 Fri 10am-1pm Yotsuya
Jun-18 Mon 10am-1pm Hanzomon
Jun-20 Wed 10am-1pm Yotsuya
Jun-21 Thu 10am-1pm Yoyogi-Uehara
Jun-22 Fri 10am-1pm Yotsuya
Jun-25 Mon 10am-1pm Hanzomon
Jun-25 mon 10am-1pm yotsuya
Jun-26 Tue 10am-1pm Hanzomon
Jun-27 Wed 10am-1pm Yotsuya
Jun-29 Fri 10am-1pm Yotsuya