Cooking with kids on August 22nd

I have a reservation from a woman, she took a cooking class early this month,  and will came to the class with her three sons.  Also a man from Spain, and her friend booked the class for his birthday gift.

She requested menus that are her sons favorite, soba noodle and salmon teriyaki. I also offer the menu of egg rolled omelets and mochi dessert besides her request.

Boys cooked Egg omelets and did good job!


They are making mochi dessert. Shaping mochi dough as a small round is not easy task, but they enjoy shaping them.

The sons mom, called Sachiko, always make the class fun. Thank you so much!


The menus on August 22nd

Salmon Teriyaki

Broccoli and carrot with Tofu cream

Soba noodle with house made dashi dipping sauce

Egg roll omelets

Mochi with sweetened red beans

Many Thanks!








Japanese cooking class August 20th

Welcome to Musubi Cooking class,  4 people from NY and an woman from Norway and her friend from Japan!

I was excited to see 4 people from N.Y. since I used to live there.  We talk a lot about the city, central park and grocery shops in Manhattan.

Also I really enjoyed a woman ( called Aiko in the class) from Norway talk about a lot about Japanese food and sightseeing in Tokyo. She is a writer and she is going to publish her own guide book of Japan. So she knows some interesting places in Tokyo much better then me. I learned a lot from her!  Thank you, Aiko, and good luck to the guide book.  It was thankful that Sarah share some information for the class. She is young and knows useful Tokyo trip tips those are different from what I know.

Of cause all of them did a good cooking and enjoyed exchanging their  trip information during lunch time, as usual.


Thank you for coming Aiko, Sara, Hanako, Taro, keiko and Hiroshi


 Menus on August 2oth

Horse Mackerel Nanban zuke

Eggplant with sweet miso paste

cucumber sesame dressing

tuna sashimi with Japanese herbs

Matcha tea cake

Many Thanks


Japanese cooking class on Augst 18th

Thank you for coming a couple from Spain!  I gave their name as Eriko and Hiroshi.

Their trip in Japan is as their honeymoon.

We cooked Gyoza as their request and other side dishes.  They like gyoza, and they wanted cook it by themselves. When we wrap gyoza, I once showed how to wrap them and made form, they picked up very quickly and made BEAUTIFL gyoza. They both did better than me, again!

Menus on August 10th


Cucumber with grated sesame dressing

Egg plant dengaku ( sweet miso paste)

Bonito sashimi with Japanese herbs

Rice and Miso soup


Eriko-san and Hiroshi eager to give a gyoza party with their friends in near future. I believe they do successful.   Good luck to your party!

Many thanks,





Japanese Cooking Class on Aug.10th

I welcomed a couple from Birmingham, UK for the cooking  class.  I gave their name Daisuke and Saeko.  They both are intelligent and close couple.  I loved to hear their experience on their annual vacation trip all over the world, wow!

Both of them are keen on cooking. Mr. Daisuke loved Japanese cooking knife. He has a good knife skill and done beautiful- fine Julienne of shiso leaves.  Better than me!




  Menu on Augst 10th

Horse mackerel Nanban-zuke

Egg plant miso dengaku

Cucumber with ground sesame dressing

marinated fresh tuna sashimi

rice and miso soup

matcha cake

I’m very happy to hear both of them loved Japanese food.


Ms. Saeko, I appreciate your such an amazing review on TripAdvisor!

It was also interesting to hear that they went to Nagiso in Nagano pref.  during their stay in Japan.  According to the website, Nagiso has  beautiful nature,  historical place, and nice hot springs. I often learn my guests the  fascinating places where I’ve never visit in Japan.

Nagiso website

Many thanks,







Japanese Cooking Class on August 1st Giving you Japanese name!

Hi there,

We had  such a fun class on August 1st with a couple and their friend from LA and a man from UK. Also attending a photographer shooting for

The group today was very fun people including the photographer. We had great time to exchange information of activity in Japan.

I got an idea to give Japanese names to the participants in this class, and I’ve been giving the names to my studuends in the class. We call each other in Japanese name only in the class.  I gave their name today  Shigeru, Sachiko, Yuko, akiko ( her original Japanesae name given by shigeru) and Sho.

Japanese name means depend on which Chinese characters kanji  use for. So there name might be same pronunciation but the meaning is little different.   Every attendee have  enjoyed Japanese name  pretty much so far.  I’ d like to keep doing in my class. Thank you for giving me the idea, shigeru!


Menu on August 1st


Horse Mackerel  Nanban-zuke

Cucumber  Sesame -vinegar dressing

Miso grazed pan fried eggplant

Rice and Miso soup

Matcha cake

Many thanks,












What Japanese house wife buys in Tsukiji Fish Market? ( Inside market)

I’m so glad to hear that tsukiji inside market stay the place for more months.

Since my place, Yotsuya, has a bus stop to Tsukiji market I go for shopping there at least once a month regularly.   It takes about 20 min by bus to there.

After get off the bus, first I head to inside fish market. I strait go to buy fresh salmon in “Sanmasu”  . The store provides fresh thick cut salmon, those are very flavorful and juicy.  I can choose from  salted, light salted, non-salted . Also can get fatty part “harami” , salmon roe and smoked salmon. Those are inexpensive and never find such fresh salmon in the store near my area.

* Attention,  inside market allows to enter for visitor after 10 am. 


Mimasu /  salmon shop


There are not only seafood shops, but also exclusive meat shop inside the market.  I chose high grade beef from Hokkaido for special dinner. The butcher cut preference thickness for me. This meat could be cut as thin slice for Sukiyaki or Shabu shabu.  It is pricy, but worth to taste. When I want to have really nice beef for special occasion, I come here and ask the butcher what to buy.


I also buy fresh seasonal seafood, like oysters, scallops, squids, shrimps and tuna.  I often go there with my friends, which is good we can share bulk of seafood, which usually wholesale for fishmongers and restaurants.

I’ll come back shopping later!






Japanese cooking Class on Aug 3rd

Tempura Class for a family of 6

I appreciated to have a class with delightful family from the US!

A young boy got in touch to book a class early Jul.   In my English mistake made him little confuse and eventually I took the family to a supermarket tour before the cooking class.

It was my first time  to go for grocery tour with my guests.  I showed produce section, fresh seafood section, meat area and whole areas of the typical Japanese grocery store.

I’m glad they liked to find the U.S products, such as Campbell’s canned soup, snacks and beers made in the US.   They bought Japanese beer and sake and headed for my place.

On the day of Aug 3rd was very hot and humid, ordinal Japanese summer day. The family looked little tired  because of the jet lug and the weather difference.

Before we cook, I gave them Japanese names,  Masa-san(father) Kaori(mother) Kyoko ( biggest sister) Ichiro ( biggest brother) Jiro (second brother) Sabro ( third broher) , and we call each other those Japanease name during the class. We enjoyed them very much.

They did cutting and mise en place very well, very smoth. They have a great team work!   However, gradually, some of the members get tired and couldn’t work very well.

It happens in my class sometime, don’t worry!    Please sit back and relax as you come back your home.    I prepare nice Japanese food for you so just enjoy Japanese home cooking.

Menu for   Aug 3rd

Tempura   ( horse mackerel and seasonal vegetables)

grated daikon and ginger

Cucumber with sesame dressing

Egg plant with sweet miso

Rice and Miso soup

Masa-san is very nice father of 4 children and good husband of gentle Kaori-san.  I liked to hear their daily life and their annual trip.  I really wish my family would be get along even my sons get bigger like this family.

Thank you very much Ichiro, such a great writing to the TripAdvisor. YOUR writing  was amazing!  Very intelligence expression for the class. Good luck to your new life in NYC!


Many Thanks






Japanese home cooking class on Jul 29th ’16

Thank you for coming my cooking class Ms. A from France, Mr. and Ms. V from Denmark and Mr. E, French man  from India. Wow!  Very international class today!   Their talk went very well in French and the class as a kind of salon for socializing.

jul 29th

Menus on Jul 29th

Horse Mackerel Nanban-zuke

Cucumber with sesame-vinegar dressing

Sautéed eggplant with red miso paste

Bonito sashimi

Rice and Miso soup

Matcha cake

Fresh bonito is now in season, so I served bonito sashimi as an extra dish since I want guests to taste Japanese seasonal flavor.  Bonito has a strong flavor  so the sashimi commonly served with Japanese herb as garnish, such as grated ginger, shisho leaves, myouga and fresh thin sliced onion.  Also  bonito sashimi go with Ponzu sauce and it always served together.

 It was kind of my “research” to serve little dish of bonito sashimi if non Japanese guests pro to the taste.  Since the  bonito has a strong flavor as I mentioned, and shiso leaves and myouga are Japanese unique flavors too so do people accept those flavor??   As a result , those flavors are accepted today’s all attendees  in this class, and they liked it, yeah!!

I decided I will serve something unique seasonal little dish in my class.  If someone  may not like the flavor, I apporgyze sincerely.  However, I believe it is a kind of an experience to taste what we Japanese eat and appreciate seasonal food in certain season.

I hope enjoy them!

Many thanks,










The Tsukiji relocation has been postponed

Good news for travelers!

Tokyo announced that Tsukiji will not relocate to new place on November 2016.   The fish market will stay the original place for months ( or longer?).

Tsukiji fish market relocation facing delay by new Gov. Yuriko Koike

The fish  market has been running  in Tsukiji, next to Ginza area, for more than 70 years.  The buildings for the wholesales are old now but the distinct atmosphere fascinates people from all over the world.

I am one of the big fan of Tsukiji inside market. There are vigorous fishmongers and  beautiful fresh seafood just arrived from their  littoral  regions can be seen  in  the 70 years-old atmosphere.




Tuna auction

If you are planning to go to see tuna auctions, I recommend you to arrive before 2:30 am in Tsukiji.  According to the fish market security, the time for distributing ticket  is earlier and earlier depending on people who come to get ticket for the tuna auction entrance. this is the information on April 2016, so I’m not sure if 2:30 is early enough to get the ticket for now.    I tried to go to see the tuna market with my friend from New York and arrived at 3:30 pm, but it was too late and we needed to give up to see that!   We missed it!

I strongly recommend to check reliable website if you want to go, I apologize that I couldn’t find the website which is shown exact time you need to arrive there.

There are links of Tuna auction info.


Tsukiji Fish Market Tuna Auction: Worth it to wake up at 3:45am?

Too late to wake up 3:45 though !










Cooking Class on Jul 28th

Hi there,

There is a lovely couple from U.K attended cooking class.   We had a great time to cook together and enjoyed talking a lot :D.

The class is a birthday gift from Ms. R to her boyfriend Mr. R.

See! both of them are very good at using chopsticks for cooking, not only eating!



The menu on Jul 28th ’16

Mackerel Nanban-zuke

Egg plant miso dengaku (sweet miso paste)

Cucumber sesame vinegar dressing

Rice and Miso soup


They both LOVED what we cooked. We talked a lot about trip in Japan, how we think about Tokyo for tourists and their life in their country.  After we ate  nice food and talked a lot, I felt like I’m inviting my friends to my house.

Thank you for coming my place, Ms. R and Mr. R.

Good luck for climbing Mt. Fuji!

*what we share in this class

Tsukiji Sushi Place

Sushi Sei   Shin kan

Hamashige (2F)


Many thanks!