Ramen & Gyoza class

Pork & for friends & brothers from Poland & Belgium!

I have noticed quite a few of my guests have learned Ramen by reading Manga comic books. Indeed, many characters in past and present Manga love eating Ramen and those scenes appear oftentimes in stories, with very tempting drawings.

Maybe you have about NARUTO, one of the most popular Manga characters these days. Actually this is the name of one ingredient used for topping of Ramen. Naruto is a slice of white-meat fish cake with pink swirl design.

My guests, specially boys turned out to be fans of Naruto so I was very happy to show them our ‘edible’ Naruto at the class.

Now for tasting’s sake, this fish cake is not a must, at least for myself. I guess this is more of a decoration to brighten up the colours your bowl. Yet it does make your Ramen looks more like the ones in Manga.

Many thanks for coming!