Ramen & Gyoza class

Welcome to our home at apartment !

Main dish was one of the most popular menu these days, Pork Ramen plus dumplings and a small side dish of fresh vegetable & pickled Kombu seaweed.

My guest was a happy couple from Isarael, travelling all around Japan for one month and loved Ramen so much that they decided to find out how we are this yummy bowl of hot noodle.

AND as usual, my guest was overwhelmed that you need to go through a lot of steps to prepare this looks-simple-but-not-so-simple dish….Hope I did not make them too tired after my class. But believe me, our result was quite amazing I am sure my guests loved the lunch they prepared themselves!

You can cook Ramen with beef bone & meat if that is an easier option. Or , clams, shrimps and more, as long as your create great .

Many thanks for coming to our class!