Temari Sushi class for friends’ reunion

The main dish was Temari . ‘Temari’ is a palm-sized ball for children, often decorated with fine colorful embroideries. As you can easily guess, Temari is shaped like this small ball. It is a one bite with a variety of toppings.

At this , we used boiled prawns, thinly sliced , fresh -quality (tuna) & , Takuan(pickled Daikon radish), Shiso leaves etc.

There were also Mentaiko(salted chilly cod roe) and salted as a few challenge items but my guests tried everything and their plates are all empty after hours. Yes, I love seeing empty plates after the class!!

We put the heads of prawns in our Miso soup and I think my guests liked it as well. Believe me it makes your soup amazingly delicious!

It was a reunion vacation trip of old friends from Maryland and Florida, US. I enjoyed being a part of their happy moments in .

Many thanks for coming!