Tempura, Sushi and Gyoza class WOW

This was probably one of the most challenging class this year but we made it!
Thankfuly we had 5 very skilled participants from BC and Michigan US at this class.

The main dish choices are of prawns, Maitake mushroom (my favorite!) and , plus roll with Maguro(tuna), salmon and greens. For side dishes we prepared a small portion of with pork and shrimp & spinach with our flavorful sauce.

We started grating smoked bonito for Dashi soup stock, then prepared Sushi with seasonings, chopped veggies and wrapped Gyoza, and finally deep fried Tempura and rolled Sushi!

And I was astonished that one of my guest lady was going to be a speaker at a medical conference held in that same evening! Indeed some people are super talented.

I have also learned one new thing at this class. My guest told me that avocado in Sushi are first created by a Japanese chef in British Columbia, although we often call it ‘California’ . I must visit ‘Tojo’s’ in Vancouver one day.

Many thanks for coming!