Tempura, Sushi and Gyoza class WOW

This was probably one of the most challenging this year but we made it!
Thankfuly we had 5 very skilled participants from BC Canada and Michigan US at this class.

The main dish choices are Tempura of prawns, Maitake mushroom (my favorite!) and , plus Sushi roll with Maguro(tuna), and greens. For side dishes we prepared a small portion of with pork and shrimp & spinach with our flavorful .

We started grating smoked bonito for Dashi soup stock, then prepared Sushi with seasonings, chopped veggies and wrapped Gyoza, and finally deep fried Tempura and rolled Sushi!

And I was astonished that one of my guest lady was going to be a speaker at a medical conference held in Tokyo that same evening! Indeed some people are super talented.

I have also learned one new thing at this class. My guest told me that avocado in Sushi rolls are first created by a chef in British Columbia, although we often call it ‘California’ . I must visit ‘Tojo’s’ in Vancouver one day.

Many thanks for coming!