Private Class for Vegetarian Dishes with Autumn harvests


The main dish was chosen as Vegetarian for a guest lady from who has been vegetarian for many years. Side dishes include cold fresh cabbage with Konbu , dumplings with lotus root, Kaki (persimmon) & greens dressed with creamy Tofu etc.

My guest was very interested in Japanese soup stock with dried Shiitake mushrooms & Kombu kelp. Both are essential products for Umami in our cooking.

Kombu is very rich in glutamate or glutamic acid, which is contained in most vegetables but by far the most in dried Kombu. ingredient known for richness in glutamate is dried tomato.

Dried shiitake is known for its richness in guanylic acid or GMP, like many kinds of mushrooms around the world including dried porcini. This may be explaining why many Japanese people are deeply in love with Italian !?

My guest lady was a medicinal food professional with a vast knowledge about Chinese herbal medicine & dietary, so it was very inspiring to share some time with her in the kitchen cooking and talking about various vegetables and foods!

Many thanks for coming!