Vegetarian & Chicken Ramen for a family reunion

It was a request from a who is now working in Germany to cook vegetarian & Gyoza, with her loving parents visiting from Australia. My pleasure to host a reunion in !

For Mum and Dad, we some simmered chicken for Ramen and included pork in Gyoza filling.

For vegetarian Ramen, the topping was fried Tofu, cilantro, diced tomato, stir-fried eggplant & mushrooms etc. Of course soy and Mirin flavored , too.

There was a lot of preparations to do but my guest family made it and our tasted wonderful!

Before coming to my place, they were travelling the route of a poet, Matsuo Basho’s tour up north to Matsushima and it was very interesting to hear their experiences, including a beautiful Haiku poem father created during his stay in Matsushima!

Many thanks for coming!