Lots of seafood for a US athlete couple

This was a 2 main dish course request from an American . We cooked Nanbanzuke and Okonomiyaki pancake as our main dishes, plus a few side dishes with and seasonal fruits.

My guest couple was both very fit as regular climbers and bouldering experts, so salmon was a good choice for their muscles. We also chopped some squid and put in our Okonomiyaki, as well as pork, , leek and Naga Imo , which is exactly how I make it for my family.

When I asked him if there is any favorite , he replied

” Unagi and Uni (eel and sea urchin)!! ”,

so I knew he is quite familiar with our dietary, then it turned out his Mum is Japanese!

Obviously he has been eating Japanese home made dishes all his life, and I  do hope that he & his girlfriend liked what we prepared together at my .

Many thanks for coming!