Tempura & Gyoza class

The main dish was… well, some of my guests liked dumplings with pork, others Tempura with prawns and vegetables, so we ended up both and share. Fortunately there were 6 guests in total at this and everybody was really good at , thus everything went so amazingly smooth! 

The  ingredients I chose for Tempura at this class were prawns, eggplants, Maitake mushrooms, Shiso herbs and pumpkins. I cannot miss Maitake as that is my favorite Tempura item.

For Tempura dipping , our regular recipe uses Dashi soup stock, soy , Mirin etc. But I also recommend to go simple ways especially in hot summer days, with salt and lemon wedge.

My guests were a famimly from Houston, USA and a from Gold Coast, Australia. One of the ladies pointed out that we don’t need to visit Asian stores for any special supply if we try Tempura with salt and lemon. I absolutely agree!

As one of our side dishes, we prepared Edamame, green fresh soy beans simply boiled and salted. This is one of our typical summer snacks. At bars and taverns, Edamame will often appear with a glass of beer. It is one of the healthiest snack to go but only in summer. 

I hope my guests liked their home cooking experience at my !

Many thanks for coming,