Sushi platter class for a private class

I had a request for a which includes making  Nigiri-sushi, temari-sushi, sushi roll and inari-zushi  from a girl from Taiwan. She loves and wanted to learn how to make those various kinds of sushi.

She made  an omelet for sushi roll and an   sheet for temari-zushi successfully.

Also she got how to make  good shape of nigiri-zushi  right away.

Her plating presentation is perfect!

Although she is very busy for her work during the stay in Tokyo, she came over  for learning Japanese cooking.

Thank you for choosing our Musubi Cooking Class!


A sushi platter

Salmon aburi-zushi, Inari-zushi, temari-zushi and sushi roll

spinach with roasted and tofu cream

Egg plant  miso-dengaku, sweet miso sauce

Miso soup