Bento Box & Gyoza Class ~May 2018~

My kids go to with their Bento Box every day. In Japan, it is very common to bring your own box for lunch. Some mothers make such a pretty Bento Box and it is now a popular item on SNS, that is where my guests from Luxemburg got an idea of Bento Box in .


We actually have a variety of Bento boxes accordingly to seasons, occasions etc. At this , I chose a bamboo-made box of rectangular shape, nice for early summer entertainment table.


of the Box are:

Onigiri( balls with Nori-seaweed)

Beef and Shiso(minty herb) roll with grated Daiokn radish sauce

Sweet roll etc….


For Bento Box, every item needs to be tiny and easy to handle. The menu required a lot of hand works but my guests did everything very neat & beautiful!

My guest couple also prepared Gyoza, Japanese pork dumplings.


All turned out really delicious but hot sizzling Gyoza was definitely one of the best tastes for my guests.


Many thanks for coming & Merci Beaucoup!