Swordfish Nanban and more ~May 2018~

The menu for  the was;

<Main dish>

&   Nanbanzuke sauce (fried and with soysauce, vinegar & fresh )

<Side dish>

Eggplamt with sweet Miso sauce

Spinach with sesame sauce


Miso soup with clams &

I tend to spend a lot of time explaining about basic ingredients we use for Japanese , such as Katsuo Bushi (Smoked Bonito fish), Konbu, Mirin etc.  Sometimes the tastes of them  are too different for first timers to my country but my two beautiful guests on this day were doing very good.

With Katsuo and Konbu, we made soup stock and used it for Miso soup, as well as spinach sauce and swordfish marinade. They all worked out nicely  &  my guest completed our delicious and authentic lunch!

Later  I learnd that one of my guests was a professional model, was a title-holder of marathon ( in suit!?!?  )

Japanese food are rich in nutrition, low in calories so isn’t our food just perfct for them?

I hope they will enjoy cooking our food in US.

Many thanks for coming!