We are quite flexible. So please let us know your available dates here. We would respond to you as soon as possible. But we are sorry that we would have the summer break July 25 – Aug 26.

Note 1: We don’t usually offer classes on Saturday and Sunday, but if you can contact us in enough advance, we may be able to accommodate your booking.

Note 2: We usually ask two minimum participants to offer the , but if you are one party, we would try to find the spots available.

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    神野藤 智津子

  2. Hi

    I will be visiting Japan with my mum (80 years old:)) soon and I would like to arrange for cooking class for us on 12 April as that will be the only free day we have before flying back to Singapore on 13 April…. My mum loves cooking and baking so I wanted to surprise her with this cooking class arrangement.

    On your website, there is no schedule published for April yet?

    We will be staying at Tokyo Dome Hotel, could you let me know how we could get to the cooking school from the hotel please?

    Thank you,
    Ms Ming

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