Passionate Japanese food lovers honeymooning from Israel, Oct 2017

Many of my guests are really and it is always a great honor to get a chance to meet up with such people. This honeymoon couple  from was definitely one of them.  They were fascinated to try a style vegetarian meal, including Tofu.

So the main dish was Sushi rolls with green , pickles and sesame. The couple chose a private lesson so we also did a few vegetable side dishes with three different sauces; sesame , sweet miso and creamy tofu , as well as miso soup with vegetable stock.

IMG_6570 IMG_6578

They were also very knowledgeable about Japanese history and interested in some antique plates and traditional  earthenwares, too.

One of my favorite Japanese earthenware is Oribe-yaki, old potteries in Gifu prefecture and known for its dark green colored glaze. I used my Oribe plates for our eggplant dish at this and my guests kindly told me that they liked them  as well as various food we prepared together.

The next day, the couple surprised me with a news that they bought a rice to take home after my class!

I hope they are now enjoying Japanese food at their sweet home…

Many thanks for coming!


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