Ramen & Gyoza class for a future food business owner -September 2017

This was a calss for a solo traveller from Australia who is willing to cook Ramen and Gyoza. At first I thought he is one of many Ramen & Gyoza lovers but as we talk preparing our , I learned that he is already working at an Asian food business and hope to be independent some day.

In fact he is so serious that he took 3 cooking classes during his short stay in ! I was honored to be a little part of  these opportunities during his limited time in my country.

I love good food but never worked as a chef by the way, I  hope he found his experience with Mum & home cooking at my worth his time & effort…

The way he mixed the chopped and minced pork meat for Gyoza filling was super!  It requires a good strong pressure so each separate become together.


One thing he liked very much was our Japanese eggs.  As one of the Ramen toppings, we often prepare flavoured boiled eggs. it is tasty as a topping for steamed rice, too.

For its flavour, I use soy , Mirin and smoked bonito if my guest is OK with seafood. You need to keep it in a fridge for a few days so the eggs turn brown outside but inside is till bright yellow. They add a nice colour in a Ramen bowl.

I hope my guest had a good time and wish him the best of luck for his in Asian food business, I am sure he will be very successful!

Many thanks for coming!





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