Sushi Class on September 22nd

I welcomed new students  from London and L.A. in the this morning.   They just arrived in Japan just a week before and will stay in for one year.

This class is a gift from a mother of a girl from London.  I’d love to give a class that will be a good wish and the good start of her life in Tokyo.



We prepared cucumber with creamy sesame dressing, sautéed eggplant with sweet miso paste.

IMG_6341 (1)

Then egg . Even though they haven’t seen Japanese egg , the square one, but they made good shaped egg roll eventually.

IMG_6348 (2)

Look at her work!  She made beautiful sushi roll. The sushi contents fresh , egg omelet, cucumber and fried tofu.

They enjoyed Japanese meal at the class. It was really precious time to talk their new life in their dorm.

Many thanks!


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