Seafood ramen class on August 24th

I welcomed a from Australia this morning.   They requested ramen as a main dish.

Since I got their booking the day before evening, so I din’t have  enough time to prepare for braised pork for ramen which regularly accompanied with ramen topping.  However, I could prepare for   ramen, the recipe calls salmon and shrimp, that doesn’t need so much time but produce nice testes.

We made pieces of as well as seafood ramen at the class. Amazingly, the lady made fabulous pieces of ! She is like a professional, eventually i learned how to make .


Look at this beautiful wrapped gyozas!!


Ephemerally, the gyoza I made was not on this tray. haha. Now  I got how to do this and I can share how to wrap nicely to class participants.

I she grown up in Chinese and her mother is good at making gyoza. however, she said the wrapper in Japan is thinner than and the cookery is different from her family recipe.


She liked Japanese gyoza very much and that is a relieve!

Hope you enjoy cooking seafood ramen and gyoza.

Many thanks,


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